About Us

Mark Eddy is founder and principal of Mark Eddy Communications, a strategic communications/messaging/public will building firm specializing in public policy issues. Mark has owned his company for 13 years and has worked on all manner of high-profile public policy issues. Before starting his company in 2001, Mark spent more than 16 years as an editor and reporter at The Denver Post.

Mark Eddy Communications has worked with a number of foundations and non-profit groups, city and state governments and for-profit companies ranging from a two-person disability rights law firm to an $18-billion multinational corporation. We have worked on issues as varied as the environment, oil and gas, health, K-12 education, LGBT, consumer protection and homelessness to name just a few. We recently completed work on a successful public will building campaign supporting first-in-the nation regulations regarding methane releases from oil and gas operations. Those regulations were supported by industry, community groups and conservation organizations, to name just a few. We remain heavily involved in oil and gas and energy issues. Mark has also worked on a number of candidate and issue campaigns.

As a journalist, Mark did investigative work on the construction of Denver International Airport, the Oklahoma City bombing, covered city government, education and the environment and was part of The Denver Post team that was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Columbine tragedy. Mark continues to write and is a contributor to the recently released “How the West was Warmed.” Mark also helped start a non-profit that is building schools in Tanzania and serves on its board (africaschoolassistanceproject.org).

Mark is also a beekeeper (they are actually pretty good at keeping themselves) and in his spare time enjoys fly fishing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking – you know, all the cool things in Colorado. He has also done advance work for former President Bill Clinton.